20 Design Ideas for Custom Silicone Colouring Mats in [year]

Author: Frankie Xu | Last Update: September 12, 2023

Silicone colouring mats have become a popular and engaging tool for young kids, providing a fun and reusable surface for their creative expression, and leave them away from electronic screens.

With their easy-to-clean, food safe and durable nature, the silicone colouring mats offer parents a convenient option for keeping their little ones entertained.

As more and more customers turn to silicone colouring mats for their kids aged 2-4, sellers in this niche market can greatly benefit from offering custom designs that cater specifically to the interests and developmental needs of this age group, and build their own brand.

kid drawing on colouring mat

In this blog post, we will explore 20 design ideas for custom silicone colouring mats, which are tailored to the preferences and learning abilities of children aged 2-4.

These ideas will not only inspire sellers to create unique and engaging products but also help them stand out in the competitive market.

Alphabet and Numbers

Fun and engaging ways to practice letters and numbers with simple illustrations

image 4

Shapes and Colors

Basic geometric shapes and primary colors for early learning

image 8

Cute Animals

Cute and simple animal illustrations with their corresponding environments

image 2


Designs featuring cars, trucks, airplanes, and other modes of transport

image 1

Simple Words & Phrases

Easy-to-read words and phrases with accompanying illustrations for vocabulary building

image 9

Fruits, Plants and Flowers

Simple drawings of various Fruits, plants, flowers, and trees


Weathers and Seasons

Illustrations depicting different weather conditions and seasonal changes

image 10

Insects and Small Creatures

Designs featuring butterflies, ladybugs, and other small critters

image 11

Under the Sea

Simple underwater scenes with fish, turtles, and other marine life

image 5

Outer Space

Designs featuring stars, planets, and other celestial objects, exploring the space with kids

image 3

Fairy Tales and Fantasy

Simple illustrations of popular fairy tale characters and magical creatures

image 12


Kid-friendly superhero designs and action figures

image 15


Designs featuring various types of dinosaurs and prehistoric landscapes



Illustrations of pirates, treasure maps, and sailing ships

image 16

Family and Friends

Simple illustrations of family members, friends, and pets

image 13

Food and Mealtimes

Designs featuring fruits, vegetables, and other common foods

image 14

Toys and Games

Patterns inspired by popular toys and games for young children

image 6


Fireman, Police, Drivers, etc.

image 7

Combinations of the Topics Above

It also a great idea to combine each single topics together, to generate more design ideas.

Design with AI

Now it gets much easier to generate colouring arts with AI, like Midjourney or Stable Difussion, all you need is the right prompt, while ChatGPT can make your life much easier.

In conclusion

offering custom silicone colouring mats for kids aged 2-4 is an excellent opportunity for you to provide a unique and targeted product that meets the needs of both children and their parents.

By exploring and adapting the 20 design ideas presented in this blog post, you may create a diverse range of mats that promote early learning, encourage creativity, and capture the imagination of young children.

It’s essential for sellers to stay updated on emerging trends and customer preferences, and to listen to feedback from their target audience, to ensure continued success.

By doing so, you can continue to innovate and evolve product offerings, keeping the brand fresh and appealing in the rapidly changing world of children’s toys and educational tools.

Create Your Mats with SANNYIN

We understand the importance of creating captivating and age-appropriate designs for silicone colouring mats, and we are here to help bring your vision to life.

If you are interested in developing custom silicone colouring mats for kids aged 2-4 with unique designs tailored to your brand, we invite you to reach out to us for a collaboration. Our team of experienced designers and manufacturers are committed to providing high-quality, personalized solutions for your business.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to boost your brand, Talk to our expert team now to discuss your ideas, and let’s work together to create exceptional silicone colouring mats that delight and engage children in their crucial early years of development. Explore Colouring Mats from SANNYIN


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