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We work with customers worldwide and in a vast range of silicone rubber products: Silicone Mats, Silicone Teethers, Silicone Plates, Silicone Kitchenware, Silicone Hoses, Silicone Tubes, Silicone Keypads, etc.
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Shenzhen SANNYIN Technology Co., Ltd. was incorporated in June 2018 and specialized in designing and manufacturing high-quality Silicone Rubber products. we are providing OEM/ODM services, if you want to make any customized silicone product, we will be the right choice. We’ve been providing great products and services to customers in more than 30 countries in the world.

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For a world with fewer plastics, by promoting sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional plastic products.
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Silicone Rubber Products

silicone placemat 18


Silicone Straws, Spoon, Spatula, Tons, Oven Mitts, Silicone Bowl, etc.

bamboo footrest for ikea antilop high chair

Babycare Products

Highchair Accessories, Silicone Feeding Placemats, Silicone Bibs, etc.

colouring mat

Toys & Gifts

Colouring Mats, Silicone Beads, Silicone Teethers, Silicone Pacifiers, etc.

silicone extruded silicone products

Industrial Application

Silicone Tubes, Silicone Sheets, Silicone Hosing, etc.

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Reliable and efficient option for customers who need their products delivered quickly.


Every customer has unique requirements, we are committed to providing tailored solutions for each customers.

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With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, we are confident that our service will exceed your expectations.

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We prioritize communication and aim to provide helpful and informative responses to our customers’ inquiries.

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I've dealt with many suppliers in China and none of them are as professional, kind, and on top of things as SANNYIN was. Product quality came out to be great
Amazing company to deal with. I dealt with Linda and she was absolutely brilliant. The sample sent is still under review but we see some exciting progress in the future.
Seller was great to deal with as a new business owner that I am. Thank you for your great service.
Very happy with the business partnership, good response time and competitive pricing. Will be interested in pursuing future business needs as they arise.
Again thank you for a great transaction! As always product quality is very good.
Wonderful product! This company really worked with me to get exactly what I wanted. They went above and beyond to make everything perfect even with shipping. Warren was great to work with and deserves a raise! Thank you for answering all my questions and being so patient.
everything is just Perfect. perfect customer service, shipped right after the purchase. great quality of the mats. shipping service works well. highly recommend. I order for the second time and for sure will order more.
Product is Great quality. Each Placemat is individually wrapped. the service from Frankie was amazing. Thanks so much(:


Frequently Asked Questions

What types of products can be made from silicone rubber?

Silicone rubber can be used to make a wide range of products, including:

  • Silicone Kitchenware
  • Silicone Beads Suppliers
  • Silicone Watch Band
  • Silicone Pet Products
  • Bottle Silicone Sleeve
  • Silicone Swim Cap
  • Silicone Cup
  • Silicone Case
  • Silicone Bracelet

How is silicone rubber molded into products?

Silicone rubber is typically molded using a process called compression molding. In this process, the silicone material is placed in a mold, which is then compressed to shape the material into the desired form. Once the material has cured, the mold is opened, and the finished product is removed.

Can silicone rubber products be customized?

Yes, silicone rubber products can be customized to meet specific design requirements. A silicone rubber products factory can work with customers to create custom molds and products that meet their specific needs and specifications.

Are silicone rubber products environmentally friendly?

Silicone rubber products are generally considered to be environmentally friendly. Silicone rubber is a recyclable material, and it is not known to release harmful chemicals or pollutants during use.

It’s widely used in Baby care products, Medical equipment components, etc.

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